Bubble bag by Tap®

The quality that surprise you.

  • 3-layer air bubble film

  • Protection against moisture and water

  • Self-adhesive strip

Bubble bag with flap and self-adhesive strip
The three-layered air protection

Great solution for people who are looking for protection when shipping fragile items.

The three-layer bubble wrap from which the bags are made is the strongest solution available on the market. It will perfectly protect the content, even the one with oddly shapes. The wide selection of sizes will allow you to choose the one that is suitable for the professional appearance of the shipment. We pay attention to details to meet the expectations of our clients. The TAP®Bubblebag packaging provides excellent protection and is lightweight at the same time. It will not increase the weight of the shipment. The inner slip coating and the P&S strip facilitate the packing process.

Why by bubble bag with flap TAP® Bubblebag?

  • Strong three-layer bubble film
  • Self-adhesive strip
  • Wild range of sizes
  • Lightweight packaging
  • Fully recyclable
Woreczek z folii bąbelkowej w środku dwa telefony
Woreczek z folii bąbelkowej w środku dysk zewnątrzny
Woreczek z folii bąbelkowej w środku czarne słuchwki bezprzewodowe
TAP® Bubblebag – sizes
Index Description Size (mm)
GSM Colour Box Pieces per palette
80 x 120 x 150
510308010125sk 100 x 120 Transparent 1250 7.500
5103080101655sk 100 x 165 Transparent 1250 7.500
510308010205sk 100 x 200 Transparent 1000 6.000
510308015155sk 150 x 150 Transparent 1000 6.000
510308015205sk 150 x 200 Transparent 500 3.000
510308015255sk 150 x 250 Transparent 500 3.000
510308020205sk 200 x 200 Transparent 500 3.000
510308020305sk 200 x 300 Transparent 400 2.400
510308025305sk 250 x 300 Transparent 300 1.800
510308030305sk 300 x 300 Transparent 200 1.200
510308030405sk 300 x 400 Transparent 150 900
510308035455sk 350 x 450 Transparent 100 600
510308040405sk 400 x 400 Transparent 125 750

Ongoing sustainability

TAP® Telion remains invested in being greener. Not only do we look at using minimal resources during production, but we also push our products to work harder for the environment. As such, the TAP® Bubblebag is fully recyclable.

TAP® Bubblebag
recycling information



Recycling instruction

    Place in the plastic waste bin

The TAP® Bubblebag is 100% recyclable. Simply dispose of it responsibly by placing the bubble film in your nearest polyethylene recycling waste unit.

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