Paper bag

TAP® MAILBAG – The ecological answer to mailing

  • FSC® C120925 Certificate

  • Resealable
    and reusable

  • Biodegradable
    and recyclable

Paper bag – ecological solution for e-commerce

Available in a variety of sizes and weights, the TAP® Mailbag is your ecological answer to mailing small to medium items.

Faster and easier than cardboard packaging, this extremely strong paper-based mailer is made from pure, virgin fibres. As a result, the TAP® Mailbag can be used multiple times – an ideal solution when it comes to returning parcels to the sender. Paper can be recycled at least seven times. This is a durable product with a remarkably long shelf-life.

Recyclable and biodegradable, the TAP® Mailbag is made sustainably and with the environment in mind. It won’t let you, or the planet down.

Why buy this paper bag?

  • Made from pure, virgin fibres for extra strength
  • Reusable – returning parcels to the sender
  • All biodegradable and recyclable materials for at least seven times
  • Double self-adhesive strip and tear strip for convenience
  • FSC® certified
  • Range of sizes and weights
Paper bag TAP® Mailbag – sizes
Index Description Size (mm)
GSM Colour Box Pieces per palette
80 x 120 x 150
770 001 S 225 x 250 + 80 mm / 60 mm 80 brown 500 10 000
770 003 L 300 x 350 + 80 mm / 100 mm 100 brown 500 10 000
770 004 XL 350 x 420 + 80 mm / 100 mm 100 brown 250 5 000
770 006 3XL 450 x 500 + 80mm / 100 mm 100 brown 250 4 000

Sustainability designed
and made

The TAP® Mailbag is one of our many sustainable mailers. As a company, we’re invested in being greener and aim to use minimal resources during production, as well as adding longevity to our range. That’s why
the TAP® Mailbag is reusable – again and again. It’s sustainably made and with the planet in mind.

TAP® Mailbag recycling info



Recyling Instructions

    Recycle into the relevant bin

The TAP® Mailbag fully recyclable and made from biodegradable materials. Simply dispose of it by placing the used mailer in your nearest paper recycling waste unit.

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