Bubble bag by Tap®

Bubble bags?
The devil’s in the details!

Who of us did not get a parcel wrapped in pieces of cardboard, stretch with kilometers of adhesive tape. There is no question of a marketing message here, but such packaging is a great way to alienate the customer, especially the one who is sensitive to ecological issues. For several years, we have been observing a trend that shows that shipping packaging is becoming an increasingly important element of the purchased goods.

TAP® offers many types of packaging. Today we present TAP® Bubblebags. They are a great solution for people who are looking for protection when shipping fragile items. The three-layer bubble wrap from which the bags are made is the strongest solution available on the market. It will perfectly protect the content, even the one with oddly shapes. The wide selection of sizes will allow you to choose the one that is suitable for the professional appearance of the shipment. We pay attention to details to meet the expectations of our clients. The TAP Bubblebag packaging provides excellent protection and is lightweight at the same time. It will not increase the weight of the shipment. The inner slip coating and the P&S strip facilitate the packing process.

Woreczek z folii bąbelkowej w środku dwa telefony
Woreczek z folii bąbelkowej w środku dysk zewnątrzny

What about environmental protection? We thought about it as well. When the TAP® Bubblebag is used up, simply place it in nearest polyethylene recycling waste unit. This is how its new life will begin.

Product details can be found on the website TAP® Bubblebag.

Woreczek z folii bąbelkowej w środku czarne słuchwki bezprzewodowe

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