TAP Rockbag
Foil bubble envelope

50% natural content

5 reasons to know about the protective foil envelope

The TAP Rockbag brand is a combination of durable bubble wrap on the inside and a combination of PE film and minerals on the outside.  It is a bubble wrap foil envelope with a very lightweight construction, resistant to scratches or tears, and features flood resistance. 

Why is it worthy of interest?

1. Natural content. Unique sensations.

This envelope contains as much as 50% raw materials of natural origin. This raw material is carbonate minerals, which are common minerals on earth and are the main component of limestone or marble. In the case of the Tap® Rockbag envelope, this means about 50% less use of PE film and an interesting tactile sensation in the form of a somewhat satiny, papery surface.

2. Fully recyclable

The TAP Rockbag bubble envelope is fully recyclable. This point is very important to us, as we do everything we can to make our products sustainable.

3. Popular formats

TAP Rockbag is available in two of the most commonly used formats: 14D 200 x 275 and
17G 250x350mm.
As a reminder, the 14 D envelope is equivalent to the popular A5 format and the TAP 17 G bubble envelope is ideal for shipping A4 size products.

4. Personalization

For customers who appreciate unique solutions, TAP Rockbag offers the possibility of full personalization. With certain print runs, both the imprint and the format of the envelope can be customized. This is a great solution for companies that want to distinguish their shipments and give them an individual touch.

5. Durability and protection

It provides excellent protection for fragile items while being strong and lightweight in its construction. The envelope is far less prone to typical tearing or flooding like a paper envelope. Sometimes sharp objects or hardcover books puncture the envelope.
With the TAP Rockbag envelope, the problem is definitely reduced.


The purpose of the TAP Rockbag bubble wrap envelope:

  • for shipping products with sharp corners, e.g. a hardcover book
  • for shipping products that are exposed to flooding by water jets
  • for items requiring universal protection
  • where cushioning in the form of bubble wrap is required

If you need a product with an unconventional look, a combination of foil-pack and bubble wrap functionality, and at the same time a sustainable product – Rockbag will be an ideal choice, as it combines all these features and contains up to 50% natural raw materials.

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