No more boredom

“La Dolce Vita” project

“La Dolce Vita” – In this project there is everything.

Emotion, history, style, branding.

When we think of parcel packaging, we usually don’t imagine anything special. Standard bubble envelopes without character. But from now on it’s a history! We’re introducing to you the classic Tap Comebag bubble envelope with a non-obvious print, which brings a new quality to the world of packaging. The “La Dolce Vita” design is more than just functionality. It is a combination of emotion, history, style and modern branding. Thanks to the unique design, the classic and standard markings get a new and unique look, which attracts attention and makes each shipment a small work of art.

A reference to the “Forests for All Forever” series – Envelope Boy

Our latest design refers to the well-known series of envelopes with a boy planting trees, bearing the slogan “Forests for All Forever.” This is not only a beautiful theme, but also the need to convey a deeper message about nature conservation and sustainability. This time we went a step further and put the slogan “La Dolce Vita”.

La Dolce Vita – carefree and joy of small things

“La Dolce Vita” is the essence of the Italian lifestyle – lightness, carefree and the ability to enjoy small things. The new Tap Comebag envelope makes a symbolic invitation to stop for a moment in the daily rush and enjoy small pleasures.

Imagine the joy of a person who, when opening a package, discovers more than just the contents. The recipient feels that someone has really taken care of every detail, which makes ordinary everyday life take on a different dimension. It’s a nice addition at work and a great touch when unwrapping a package.

Limited edition for special moments

The Tap Comebag envelope printed with “Dolce Vita” is available in a limited edition. This means that anyone who decides to use it can be sure that they are delivering something truly special.

If you’d like to deliver a bit of pleasure to your customers by sending the usual in a unique envelope, or have your own imprint idea – feel free to contact us. Tap Comebag is not just an envelope, it’s an experience you can co-create.

Let each package become a message of emotion, style and enjoyment. We invite you to contact us and join a world where the end of boredom is the beginning of endless creativity and pleasure.

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    “La Dolce Vita” bubble envelope design

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