Which colour suits
to your shipment?

TAP Colorbag – 5 colors that will surprise you

Match the color to the character of your shipment.

Bubble envelopes are no longer just a product to protect the contents, they can also help you stand out among thousands of shipments and make just your shipment get noticed by the recipient. The TAP® Colorbag brand was created precisely to make the journey of that shipment more colorful and stand out among the crowd.

Beautiful and durable colors

The two most popular envelope formats – 14D (for the popular A5) and 17G (for the popular A4) – have been produced in five beautiful, saturated colors: red, green, blue, pink and black. Interestingly, this is not a color print on the envelope – we use dyed-in-place papers, and this makes the envelope have the color of your choice inside as well! 

This makes the product really elegant and high quality.

Colorful sets

And when you need all the colors, but in a smaller quantity – we found a solution for that too! We have prepared sets that contain all five colors in them at the same time. In one box you can find 20 pcs of each shade available from us. This way, each of your shipments can be different and unique, and it will certainly be very colorful!

Personalization of shipments

With colorful bubble envelopes, the shipment will easily become colorful and please the eye of the recipient. TAP® Colorbag also offers an imprint option, allowing for additional personalization of shipments. Such an option is perfect for companies that want to distinguish their shipments by adding logos, graphics or any other graphic element.

If you wish to open yourself up to colourful solutions,
we are at your service.

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