Abriso Jiffy COP – Internal Environmental Policy Statement

Working together to work sustainably

With this month’s vital COP26, the fight against climate change has gained even greater momentum. And at Abriso Jiffy, we’re already playing a key role in that fight, with our long-standing commitment to working sustainably, affecting change and protecting our planet for the future. But the role we play is hugely dependent on the actions of every one of us.

And that’s why, alongside appointing a Health, Safety & Environmental manager to take responsibility for our environmental impact across the entire business, we have a critical, company-wide environmental policy. Far more than just a policy, it’s the driving force behind our operation and the key to achieving our goals.

We are all here to make sure we:

Manage our product ranges so that our products don’t cause unacceptable environmental damage when we receive, store, use or dispose of them

Minimise our waste to its lowest possible levels

Focus on the energy efficiency of our haulage partners’ vehicles and the environmental impact of the delivery methods and models

Minimise our waste to its lowes Travel to work using the most environmentally-friendly methods possible, including public transport, cycle to work schemes and car sharing (COVID permitting)t possible levels

Improve our energy efficiency across all of our sites. Including taking into account the efficiency of building and running costs for any future purchases or leases

Comply with all individual countries’ environmental policies and legislation

If we all strive to achieve these goals, not only will we be ensuring the stability and sustainability of our company, we’ll be contributing to the sustainability and longevity of our planet.

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