Committing to 10 million tonnes of recycled plastic across Europe

Abriso Jiffy has become the latest in a long line of European industry leaders (282 and counting) to join the Circular Plastics Alliance in their work to drastically increase recycled materials across the entire plastic values chain. By adding our signature to the CPA’s ambitious yet vital declaration, we’ve become another sustainability champion who’s committed to: boosting the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tonnes by 2025. And as a market-leader amongst those champions, we’re proud to take up a seat on the alliance’s steering groups, helping to drive their vision forward into a maintainable, sustainable reality.

Jean-Baptiste De Ruyck, Abriso Jiffy Group CEO, says:

Joining the alliance is an important next step for us – and just the start of many similar partnerships to come. With the critical work of the CPA so in line with our own 5-year sustainability plan, we’re delighted to be adding our good work to theirs.

Along with the likes of Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, L‘Oreal, Borealis, Mars and GSK, we’ve committed that we’ll focus all of our efforts, from the big to the small, on creating and maintaining an entirely ‘circular economy’ for plastics.

Fortunately (for the alliance and planet), this commitment is one we’ve been making for a very long time. We’re already 100% focussed on increasing the use of recycled plastics into new products, collecting and sorting our waste in house where possible, and making the shift to zero plastic waste – all key parts of the CPA’s pledge. And, as with the work of the alliance, we constantly review and monitor our approach to make sure any steps or innovations we make are never at the expense of quality or safety.

Dan Gavriliu, Sustainability Lead for Abriso Jiffy, says:

We’re already so driven by our commitment to sustainability, from only supplying recycled or recyclable products, to making 100% recyclable foam and using our leftover gas and oil to create new products. And by signing this declaration, we can not only show our commitment to our industry and wider European community, but also hold ourselves accountable for our promises and progress, and become part of a larger, stronger group that works together to create sustainability across Europe.

See more of our commitment to sustainability.

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