The boy from
the envelope

How to tell your story?

Is it possible to tell something through an envelope?

Sure, why not!

As you know, our company participates in the tree planting campaign under the slogan “Forests for All Forever” and together with we take part in periodic tree planting actions. However, planting trees is one thing, and how we want to share this information with you is another.

The boy from envelope

We chose a way that, in our opinion, is able to appeal much more to the imagination, so the three most popular TAP Comebag® brown envelope’s formats (13C, 14D and 18H) depict the story of a boy. A boy who spends a carefree childhood and enjoys his free time as much as possible. However, childhood is not only carefree, but also the absorption of the highest values passed on by people closest to us.

That’s why on second envelope we can see that really each of us can do something good – for others, for ourselves or for the planet. We can plant a tree that over the upcoming years will grow, give us shade, shelter, be a place to play or evoke memories of a carefree childhood.

Our “envelope’s boy” grows up and enjoys what his ancestors have accomplished – because let’s remember that the effects of our actions are not always visible immediately, sometimes we have to wait for these results.

History is written every day

We know that we do not create this history alone. It is thanks to our customers that we can give back to nature what belongs to it. We want to be that boy who, years later, will continue to enjoy the world around him and be aware that he also had a real impact on shaping it.

“Envelope’s Boy” comes in limited edition and can be found on marketplaces like Allegro.

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