The tree is life!


Let’s make the planet green again!

The tree has been the center of the universe for man since ancient times. And what is it for us? Have you ever wondered what we owe to one tree? Not only shade and shelter from the heat, not only beautiful views outside the window, not only blooming flowers and green leaves. The tree is, first of all, oxygen. One adult, 60-year-old pine produces the oxygen necessary for the life of 3 people.

What about the industry? It is estimated that currently wood has about 30,000 uses in various industries. It is used e.g. in construction, mining, energy, for the production of machines, floors, furniture, boards, paper and packaging, tools, musical instruments, sports equipment, toys and office goods. Europe, which covers 4% of the world’s forests, annually harvests 725 645 thousand m3 of wood from forests. Globally, 60ha of the world’s forests are cut down in one minute. As much as 14% of the cut trees will be used in the pulp and paper industry. TAP Telion feels this responsibility. That’s why we only use paper that is FSC® certified. 100% of our paper products contain recycled paper. But that’s not enough for us! We want more! We want a tangible impact on the environment. That’s why we decided to take part in the tree planting campaign.

In cooperation with, we will take part in plantings that take place twice a year in Poland. What’s more, you dear customers will help us with this. We want every envelope we sell to be a new beginning. Depending on the characteristics of your order, we will plant a certain number of trees. Trees that in the future will give us oxygen, shelter, employment, and maybe will be the raw material for the production of a table where the whole family will gather?

We want full transparency, so we will keep you informed about the progress of our action. Be with us and help pay off the debt we all owe to our planet.

For more information on sustainability and green activities, visit Sustainability.
Check the current number of trees planted by us.

It is worth adding that our initiative is in line with the activities of the European Union, which, by introducing the EU2030 New Forest Strategy as an element of the European Green Deal, wants to protect this area of nature. It also plans to plant 3 billion trees by 2030. To quote Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so much, together we can do so much.”

The featured photos are from the autumn 2022 tree planting campaign by

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Give back to nature what belongs to it

Let’s make the planet green again!
In cooperation with, we will take part in plantings that take place twice a year in Poland.

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